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Maintenance Washes

Like many products and services we pay for as consumers, they can’t be compared apples to apples. Car wash services aren’t any different! Even if on paper 2 competitors car wash services include the same steps, the tools and products used and how they are completed, is what sets them apart.

Swirl Free Car Wash Process

Have you ever wonder where those circular scratches (swirls marks) on your paint finish come from? These are introduced for two reasons:

  1. Improper car wash process & techniques and the use of cheap wash mittens, and drying towels is the main reason. Anyone can wash a vehicle to wash off dust, dirt, and road grime, but the goal is to clean it safely without damaging the vehicles delicate surfaces.

  2. Not washing you car frequently allows for a layer dust, dirt and road grime to build up which increases the possibility of introducing light swirls in the soaping process. We use a highly lubricated soap to minimize or even avoid this but ultimately it is important to wash it frequently to avoid for a layer of dust, dirt and road grime building up. 

Our Process & Techniques

Our founder has physically washed thousands of cars in his career. It has allowed him to diligently create a unique process and special techniques to properly and safely clean interior and exterior surfaces of a vehicle. This process consists of 12 steps. Every step has a purpose not only to remove dust, dirt and road grime but to help maintain the condition of your vehicle. With so many different surfaces and materials on a vehicle, they all require the proper care to clean, protect and maintain them. 

Every tool and product we use today have been rigorously tested over time. They need to meet our founders high expectations therefor we can continue to deliver to our customers. As the industry has grown over the years we continue to test other tools and products to continue to deliver on our promise. But if it isn't broken we don't fix it.

Rest assure if you request a Silver or a Platinum Wash they are all completed exactly the same. Your Ferrari is your pride and joy but we know that our customers with a Honda Civic value their car just as much!

Our Maintenance Washes

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