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General FAQ's

How do I view and manage my appointments?

Easy! Once you create an account, you can view, change and cancel appointments within. You can tap the “My Account” button on any of your emails, or you can visit our website and select the “Sign In” button on the top right of our page.
We recommend you add our website to your mobile phones home screen for much easier access.

Can I cancel or reschedule an appointment?

Of course! You can cacnel or rescheddule an appointment anytime by logging into your account. You can reschedule to a different day and/or time, cancel your service. Available time slot is subject to availability. Note: If you select to "Cancel" our system will cancel all future scheduled sevices. Please remember to cancel or reschedule appointments 18 hours before your scheduled time. Refer to FAQs "How far in advance do I need to cancel an appointment?" for no show and cancelation policies. If you cancel an appointment for a service with a frequency discount, it will affect the discount applied to the first service completed.

How far in advance do I need to cancel an appointment?

You can cancel an appointment at any time within your account. To avoid any fees, we do ask for you to cancel 18 hours before your scheduled service. The cost for cancelations and No Shows is $20.

Do I get any notifications for my scheduled services?

Yes! From the moment you schedule your service your get Email/SMS notifications:

  • Confirmation
  • 24 hour Reminder
  • Service Complete
If any changes are made to your scheduled service you will get email/SMS notifications too.

Can I rate the service provided by my technician?

Yes! Your feedback is crucial and highly appreciated. This is the only way to know if our technicians are delivering on our Deets Promise!
After your service is completed, you can log in to your account, select the service completed and rate it.

Can I tip my technician?

Definitely! Our technicians work hard to deliver on our founder's promise, unmatched quality, and superior service experience.
If you wish to tip them, you can do so by giving cash directly to them, or you can add the tip after your service is completed by login to your account, selecting the service completed and adding the tip.

Can I add or edit Service Notes and Key Details before my appointment?

Yes! Any time before your appointment you can add or update these details within your account. Just log in and select the appointment and add to or edit the necessary fields.

What makes Deets different?

We won't just clean your vehicle we will maintain it! Over 13 years ago we entered the industry with one goal in mind, to offer an unmatched level of quality and a superior service experience. Over the years our founder himself has cleaned and maintained thousands of vehicles in their best condition possible. With years of R&D, we know what it entails to maintain your vehicle looking its best. Putting a picture into perspective: The damage local car washes and most mobile detailers can introduce into your vehicle surfaces in 1-4 washes we will introduce in 50 plus washes. You get what you pay for!

Why Deets and not another provider?

We are aware your choices to have your vehicle washed or detailed are numerous. Anyone can wash your vehicle to remove road grime, dirt and dust off the exterior surfaces and can vacuum the interior with a shop vac. Auto wash and detailing services can't be compared apples to apples. An auto wash service are all completed differently and they don't all include the same amount of steps. The goal is to clean surfaces without damaging the surfaces. Introducing scratches and swirls into your vehicles paint finish is very easy! The clear coat in todays vehicles are very soft. The circular scratches you see on a vehicles paint finish is do to improper washing techniques. These can be seen easier on a darker color vehicle. Most shop vacs do not have a strong enough suction to remove stubborn dirt, dust and sand embedded into a vehicles interior carpet and cloth upholstery.

Who are your Technicians?

Our technicians are Deets employees who drive Deets owned mobile units. They are backgound checkd, vetted and trained hands-on in real-world environments. This is the only way we can deliver on our promise. We provide to them all the tools and resources needed so they can continue to deliver what our founder has delivered to most demanding customers for years.

Where are your services available?

Our services are available through most of the County of Orange. Take a look at our Service Coverage Area to see if we cover your city. If you don't see your city, don't worry. Send us a message, and we will try our best to accommodate you.

What services do you offer?

Every service to enhance, protect and maintain your vehicle looking its best. We offer exterior and interior details and 3 different maintenance washes. Take a look at our services under “Our Services" to see them more in detail. Details are coming soon!

How do I request a service?

Easy! Request a service all within our website. Under “Our Services” select the service category and select the service you want to request. In a couple of steps, your service will be scheduled, and one of our technicians will be on their way to your location.

What are your operating hours?

Our services are available Monday to Saturday from 7 am to 4 pm. Time slots are subject to availability. Our system will show you real-time available time slots.

Can you clean my car anywhere?

Yes!! We come to you to save you time! At your home or office front doorsteps. In private properties, we do ask you to make sure car cleaning is allowed on-site. We do have all the necessary coverages, and our mobile units contain the proper equipment that meets and exceed property management requirements.

What would the technician need from me to complete the service?

All we need is access to your vehicle and sufficient space (2-3 making spaces) to work around your vehicle. We may need your vehicle's keys to move it. Our technicians show up in our self-contained mobile units with water, electricity and all the necessary tools to complete the service.

How do I pay for my service?

Easy! When you schedule your service, we take your credit card information, and we charge it after the service has been completed. We accept all major credit cards and our own Gift Cards

How do I add your website to my smartphones home screen?

Easy! Once you add our website to your smartphones home screen you can easily access your account. iOS - Go to our website using Safari > tap Share button > tap Add to Home Screen (plus sign icon) > enter Deets for the name. Done. You can now exit and see our website in your iOS device home screen. Android - Go to our website using the Android browser > Tap Create Bookmark icon > Tap Bookmarks > Select Home Screen > Enter Deets under Label. Done. You can now exit and see our website in your iOS device home screen.

What time will my technician arrive?

We value your time and strive to arrive at the scheduled time. Do to unknown traffic and travel times your technician may arrive 10 minutes before or after the schedule time.

Maintenance Washes FAQ's

Why 3 Maintenance Wash options?

Every customer has different expectations in what condition they want to maintain their vehicle in. The higher tier washes include additional services that allow our technicians to clean, condition and protect more surfaces. If you are wondering what wash we complete on our customers with high-end and exotic sports vehicles, we complete our Gold and Platinum Wash throughout the month.

Why is the cost of a One-Time wash more expensive than the Every Week and 2 Weeks?

Our services are based on the average amount of time it takes to complete a service. Vehicles that are washed once or less per month take much more time and effort to complete a service than a vehicle that is cleaned every week or 2 weeks. Over our 13 years of business, we have learned that to maintain a vehicle looking its best it needs to be cleaned at least every 2 weeks. Most of our business comes from building long term relationships with our customers and their vehicles. For their trust and loyalty, we offer discounts off every service we complete.

Why is it important to wash my vehicle?

Most of us take pride and get a sense of accomplishment to drive a nice and clean car. What we drive and own represents who we are. But there is more to it. A wll maintain vehicle, Maintains a Higher Value!! Our vehicles are one of our most significant investment. Their value drops as soon as it leaves the lot. That, unfortunately, is something we can't prevent. But we can control is how our vehicle holds up and looks throughout the years. A vehicle holds a higher resale value when its interior and exterior appearance look as close to new. According to KBB, a poorly maintained vehicle value can be 8%-15% less than a well maintained one. There is a science behind why and how often we need to have our vehicles cleaned. Vehicles exterior surfaces are exposed to harsh contaminants daily: rail dust, brake dust, road tar, bird droppings, tree sap, to name a few. These can quickly deteriorate your vehicles exterior surfaces if not washed off on time by edging, fading and staining plastics, rubber, glass and painted finishes. This will lead to expensive reconditioning efforts and devaluing your vehicles resale value.

How often do I need to wash my vehicle?

This comes down to a couple of things. How often do you drive? Do you park it indoors or outdoors overnight? Do you park it away from bushes or trees? Is it exposed to salt water or sprinkler system? In over the 13 years we have been in the industry we have found out that vehicles that are driven a few times per week need to be clean at least 2 times per month, to maintain it looking its best. If your vehicle sits outdoors over night we strongly recommend to have it cleaned every weeks to prevent from contamination building up. The end goal is to prevent harsh contaminants embedding and damaging the exterior surfaces and dust, dirt and stains from layering and clinging on the interior surfaces. The dirtier your vehicle gets the more difficult and more effort it will take to clean it. This will not only cost you more money, but it may sacrifice your vehicle's delicate interior and exterior surfaces. Your vehicles most delicate surface is the paint finish. Contamination easily embeds itself, a layer of dirt and dust quickly builds up, and if not washed as needed these can deteriorate and introduce swirls into the paint finish when being washed. If you want to drive a clean car all the time, we recommend you have it cleaned once per week. A small percentage of customers go the extra mile and have it cleaned 2 times per week.

  • If you drive your vehicle 4-7 days per week, park it indoors overnight and park away from trees and bushes you can have it cleaned every 2 weeks.
  • If you drive your vehicle 4-7 days per week, but it's parked outdoors overnight, then we strongly recommend you have it cleaned every week.

How does your recurring services work?

You set it and forget it! No need to schedule one appointment at a time. Our system automatically schedules appointments for the same day, time and location. You can always change one or all upcoming appointments within your account.

How does Frequency Discount work?

The more frequent we clean your vehicle, the less you pay per service. When you select Every Week and 2 Weeks, a discount is applied to each scheduled service. You are only charged after each service appointment is completed. We do require to have at least 2 services completed for us to honor the Frequency discount. If you do cancel our sytem will charge the first appoointment at the one time price. Example: If you select to have our Silver Wash completed every week on your sedan at $27. If you cancel the entire service after we complete the first service, our system will automatically charge you the firts service at $34.

Can I change my service to a higher tier wash?

Most definitely! Within your account, you can upgrade to a higher tier maintenance wash for any of your appointments. When editing your service you have the option to edit the one appointment or all upcoming.
We recommend you do it days in advance to make sure the extra time needed to complete the higher tier service is blocked off for you.

Can I use my recurring services for multiple vehicles?

No. Every one of your vehicles need to have their own recurring services. You can't substitute one vehicle for the other.

How often should I have the Gold Wash completed?

We recommend you have this done at least once per month! If you want your vehicle to look its best every time we clean it, then have it done on every service. This service includes the necessary steps to clean and protect interior and exterior surfaces .The interior wipe down will allow us to remove light stains off the soft-touch materials, plastics, vinyl, and leather surfaces. The spray wax not only will add clarity and shine to the paint, but it will also allow us to remove light contaminants off the paint that don’t get washed off in the wash process.

How often should I have the Platinum Wash Completed?

We recommend having this done at least once every four washes. Clean and conditioned wheel wells are one of those surfaces that will give your vehicle that extra touch to maintain it looking like new. Conditioning exterior plastics will darken and protected them.

Is there a long term commitment if I select Every Week or 2 Weeks?

Of course not! If you are not happy with our service you can cancel the service at any time. Since our frequency discount is applied from the start, we do ask to have at least 2 serivces completed. If you cancel after we complete your first service, our system will automatically charge the first service at the one time price.

Which maintenance wash is right for my vehicle?

It comes down to what condition you want to maintain your vehicle in? Our silver wash isn’t you average wash to what other competitors offer. It delivers the same level of attention as our higher tier services. Our higher tier services allow us to have more surfaces cleaned and conditioned on your vehicle to help maintain it as close as possible to its new condition. Most customers who drive high-end, luxury, and sports vehicles have our Gold wash completed each time we clean their vehicle and upgrade to our Platinum wash every 2-4 services. If your Toyota or Honda is a Bentley for you, you can have this service completed too.

Detailing Services FAQ


THE COURSE - The kids fun run is a 1K Loop - 5K course - Pass through 5 colour zones - Collect 5 colours. THE COLOUR ZONES There are 5 colour zones which represent each KM you run. Each zone has Colour Bandits ready to cover you in colour. If you wish to avoid the colour stay to the centre of the zone. 1KM – RED ZONE 1 2KM – ORANGE ZONE 2 3KM – GREEN ZONE 3 4KM – BLUE ZONE 4 5KM – PURPLE ZONE 5 - This is also the finish line! There will be a huge, exciting colour extravaganza at the end of the race. How it works: You will be given a free cup of colour at the finish line and the Event Announcer will count you down 3, 2, 1. Everyone throws their cups of paint up into the sky, creating a massive plume of COLOUR!


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