The only way to deliver a superior mobile car wash & mobile auto detailing service is by executing these six key points..

Unmatched Quality

Anyone can hand wash a vehicle to remove dust, dirt and road  grime, but it is much more complex than simply rinsing, soaping, and drying. We have raised and set a new quality standard in the car wash and detailing industry. We make this possible in combination of  3 things: passionate technicians, our unique process & techniques, and the industries best products, equipment, and tools. 


All of our technicians share our profound passion. As our founder states, our technicians can be taught the science, our process & techniques, but we can’t teach passion. Our unique process and techniques have been real-world proven to work. It has allowed our founder to maintain the worlds most rare and irreplaceable vehicles in the automotive industry in their pristine condition. It helps us eliminate introducing scratches and swirls into the vehicles paint finish. Over our 13 years of business, we have searched and tested many products and tools. We only use the industries most reputable products, wash mittens, microfiber towels, tools, and equipment.

Competitive Pricing

Without minimizing our car wash & detailing service quality, we have taken steps to offer our superior services at competitive pricing. Our techniques and process were not only diligently developed to deliver unmatched quality but also to complete services much more efficiently. Our mobile units were also designed to help our technicians complete car wash and detailing services faster. They are equipped with effortless equipment which drastically speeds up our set up and clean up time. These savings allow us to pass them down to you. 

Environment Friendly

We may not be able to change the world, but we believe we can contribute to making a difference. Without sacrificing quality and your vehicles delicate surfaces, we consume an average of 6 gallons of water to hand wash and detail each vehicle. That is eight times less than local car washes and 13 times less than washing your vehicle with your garden hose at home.  

To prevent water run-off to our ocean drains, the water used to wash and detail every vehicle is contained and reclaimed by our state of the art system onboard our mobile units. The water is contained with sand snakes or our specially designed wash mat, and then it’s reclaimed using a high power suction system into a holding tank inside our mobile units


There is no need to call any more to ask what services we offer and our availability. Our platform allows you to view, compare, and request service in a couple minutes at any time through your smartphone or computer.  Text message and email notifications keep you updated on the status of the car wash or detail service you requested. Recurring services can also be set up to have our technicians show up at the location, day, and time you select. The service is charged after the service is completed. You can manage your profile and edit upcoming appointments at any time. Even obtaining your vehicles keys, it's a breeze. Our unique Key Exchange Process (KEP) will further enhance your service experience.


Continue with your daily routine! The car wash and detail shop comes to you. After you schedule the service on our website our technician will come to the convenience of your home or office front steps on the day and time you select. Our self-contained and State of the Art mobile units are equipped with water, electricity and all the tool necessary to complete the service. All we need is access to your vehicle and enough space to work around it.

Peace of Mind

Earning and maintaining our customer's trust to wash and detail their vehicles is crucial! Our technicians are Deets employees and not independent contractors. They are vetted, background checked and trained to deliver on our promise. We are licensed and fully insured to protect property, our mobile units, technicians, and most importantly, your vehicle in case of a rare event of an incident.