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Property & Corporate

Service Amenity

If it is a company, office property, hospital or an apartment complex, our mobile car wash and detailing services is the perfect amenity to offer your tenants or employees! They can have their vehicle cleaned while they work or while they are at home, to save them valuable time. One of our self contained mobile units can be one or few days per week on-site equipped with everything necessary to complete every service.  

Deets Technician

Our Technicians

Our technicians are Deets employees and drive our mobile units. They are background checked and vetted for your tenants or employees peace of mind. They are fully uniformed to match your companies image and level of professionalism. 

Deets Mobile Unit

Our Mobile Units

Our state of the art mobile units delivers the same striking appearance as our technicians. They are fully equipped with water, electricity, equipment, and tools needed for our technicians to complete every service. 

Lincensed and Insured

Licensed & Insured

For peace of mind, we are licensed and insured with every policy necessary to protect your tenant's vehicle, your property, our working area, technicians and mobile units. 

Wash Mat / Property Care

Property Care

To protect your properties asphalt and prevent water run-off, your tenant's vehicles are cleaned on top of our Wash Mat (water containment mat). Water used to clean every vehicle is contained in our mat with raised edges, and then the water is reclaimed into a holding tank onboard of our mobile units.

Deets Parking Saving

Space Saving

For quality purposes and to minimize the number of parking spaces needed to complete each service on your property, our technicians work on one vehicle at a time. Your tenant's vehicle is moved to our working area and then parked back when service is completed.  

A Superior Mobile Auto Wash & Detailing Service Experience

In combination with our unique process & techniques and the industries most reputable products & tools, allows us to maintain vehicles looking their best!

Via our website, customers can request service in seconds and manage appointments 24/7. Real-time notifications are delivered for appointment status. 


Our proven techniques and process diligently developed for efficiency. State of the art mobile units are equipped with effortless equipment for quick set up and clean up.


Without sacrificing quality as little as 6 gallons of water are used to clean each vehicle. Water used is contained and then reclaimed to prevent water run-off. 



Contact Us

If you are ready to offer our car wash and detailing service as an amenity to your tenants or employees, fill out the form below.

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