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About Us

Deets Founder Virgil

Our Founder

In his late teens, his passion for automobiles led him to drop out of college and pursue his dream to spend his days working on what he loved! With the entrepreneur mind built in him, he put together the equipment, tools, and products needed into a cargo van and set out to launch his mobile car wash and detailing business. The first year of business he used to educate himself and gauge the quality available locally. He picked up what he was able from local seminars and classes and with trial and error he self-taught himself the unknown, to bring to the broken car wash and detailing industry an unmatched level of quality. 


His level of attention to detail and high expectations have pushed him to develop unique techniques and process. In combination with the best equipment, tools, towels, and reputable products in the industry has allowed him to safely enhance, protected and maintain his customer's vehicles delicate interior and exterior surfaces in the best condition possible.

Fast forward 13 years and the mission continues to have his unmatched quality accessible to more customers who wish to maintain their vehicles looking their BEST! A Superior Mobile Car Wash and Detailing Service Experience!

Deets Trained Technicians

Our Technicians

Our technicians share our Profound Passion to deliver Enhance, Protect & Maintain our customer's vehicles. Our Founder believes the Science, Process, and Techniques can be taught but Passion cannot!  Technicians are taught and trained hands-on our unique process & techniques in real-world situations. Our technician's appearance and level of professionalism deliver a striking first and lasting impression. 


Our Mobile Units

Our state-of-the-art mobile units are second to none. Their presentation exceeds all of our customer's expectations. They are built and design for efficiency and to allow our technicians to focus on our customer's vehicles. They are completely self-contained! Water, electricity and all of the equipment, tools, and products needed to complete each service are at a hands reach of our technicians. 

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