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Detailing Process

If you are looking to have your vehicle detailed, it is for one or two reasons:

1.  You have not washed it frequently..

  • Your vehicle's exterior surfaces are exposed to airborne contaminants, bird droppings, tree sap, water spots, and road tar, to name a few. These can easily embed, edge, and stain the paint finish and exterior surfaces. The longer these contaminants sit on the surfaces, it drastically increases the possibility of permanently damaging them.

  • The interior of your vehicle is exposed to dust, dirt, body oils, liquids, and food spills. Lack of frequent vacuuming, thorough wipe downs, and spot cleaning allows them to cling to the point they have to be brushed, scrubbed, and agitated to clean the surface. In some scenarios, it can permanently damage delicate surfaces.

2.  Your current car wash provider has used a bad car wash process, techniques and cheap tools

  • Your vehicle's exterior surfaces are very delicate and can easily be scratched and damaged if not cleaned and cared for properly. The swirls (circular scratches) and scratches you see on the paint finish when the sun or a bright light reflecting off of it have been introduced by the car wash provider/s you have used. 

  • If you have had your vehicle washed 2-4 times per month and is still in need of attention, the providers you have used have not thoroughly cleaned the interior and exterior surfaces or didn't recommend the proper maintenance service to maintain it.

Exterior Process

Prep Process - Necessary

Included: Wash & Wax, Clay & Wax and Stage 2 detail services.

  • Before we start with any of the exterior detail services, we need to wash off dust, dirt, road grime, and loose contaminants. Our unique 12 Step Exterior Wash Process is executed to complete this process successfully. You do have the option to add The Details Package to our Wash & Wax and Clay & Wax exterior detail services, which allow us to clean, condition, and protected additional surfaces not included in our 12 Step Process. 

Decontamination - Optional

Included: Clay & Wax and Stage 2 detail services.

  • 90%-95% of vehicles we work on need to be decontaminated before any further detailing steps. 

Paint finish and glass surfaces are first chemically decontaminated with Iron Decon to dissolve the iron. We then follow using a lubricant and gliding the appropriate clay bar grade over paint and glass surfaces to decontaminate these surfaces. It will leave your paint clean and smooth ready for the next detailing step. 

Note: The Iron Decon or the Clay Bar will not remove swirls, scratches, stains from tree sap or bird droppings, and edged water spots. Clay bar will only remove contamination on top of the clear coat.

2 Step Compound/Polishing - Optional

Included: Stage 2 detail services.

  • These two polishing steps allow us to level (remove) 75%-90% of the imperfections off the paint finish: swirls, scratches, edged water spots, and stains from bird dropping & tree sap. The first step will help level (cut) the clear coat to the depth of 75%-90% of the imperfections. On the second polishing step we will finesse the clear coat to further enhance the shine and depth of the paint finish. 

Waxing/Sealing - Necessary

Included: Wash & Wax, Clay & Wax and Stage 2 detail services

  • Applying a coat of protection is the final step to any of our exterior detail services. The coat of wax is machine applied to for an even application, add a deep wet shine, and, most importantly, protected the paint. It will protect from UV rays and help repel water spots, stains, and contaminants.

Note: The wax will not remove any imperfections like: swirls, scratches, stains and edged water spots, off the paint finish. 

Interior Process

Prep Process - Necessary

Included: Partial and Complete Interior detail services.

  • Before brushing, agitating, scrubbing, and cleaning the interior surfaces, we vacuum the interior with an industrial high suction vacuum and multiple tools to remove as much if not all dust, dirt, and loose debris from the interior surfaces.

Shampooing - Necessary

Included: Partial and Complete Interior detail services

  • After the interior is thoroughly vacuumed, the surfaces included in the detail service you select are cleaned and shampooed. The proper brush, sponge, and cleaning products are utilized to clean each surface safely. Agitating, brushing, and scrubbing surfaces will thoroughly remove cling dust, dirt, oils, spills, and stains that have not permanently damaged the surface.

Interior Wipe Down - Optional

Included: Partial Interior detail services.

  • After shampooing the included surfaces in our Partial Interior, the rest of the plastic, vinyl, and leather surfaces are wiped down using a microfiber towel and the same cleaner used to shampoo. It will remove dirt, dust, and minor stains off these less touched surfaces.

Conditioning - Necessary

Included: Partial and Complete Interior detail services

  • Interior plastic, soft-touch materials, vinyl, and leather surfaces are conditioned with the proper conditioner to darken, condition, protected from UV rays, and help repell future stains. A lotion like conditioner is applied to all real leather surfaces. Conditioner is left on the surface for as long as possible to allow materials to absorb it. Using a microfiber towel surfaces are then wiped down to remove the excess conditioner leaving a silky non-sticky surface. 

Note: Our conditioning process WILL NOT leave a sticky dust attracting surface. 

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