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Platinum Wash


Our Platinum Wash includes everything in our Gold Wash plus an additional eight steps to clean, condition, and protect more surfaces of your vehicle. If you are seeking to maintain your vehicles interior and exterior surfaces in a Like New Condition, our Platinum Wash will deliver. These additional 4 steps are the small details that will make your vehicle look and feel Like New!


Once Every 2 or 4 Washes. For the most demanding every 1 or 2 washes.

Included Steps

Platinum Wash includes everything on our Gold Wash plus...

4 Additional Steps

Degrease & Rinse Jambs

  • Door, trunk, and fuel door jambs are sprayed with degreaser to loosen grease, dirt and grime build up. They are then rinsed with high pressure to wash it off. 

Degrease & Rinse Wheel Wells  

  • Plastic and carpeted wheel wells are sprayed with degreaser and then scrubbed to loosen dirt and road grime. They are then rinse with high pressure to wash them off. 

Condition Plastic Wheel Wells 

  • After the plastic wheel wells are degreased & rinse, they are sprayed with a dressing to condition and darken them to their Like New Condition. It will also help the plastic repel dirt and grime better.

Condition Exterior Plastics 

  • Exterior plastics are cleaned and then a dressing is applied to condition, darken and add a layer of protection.  

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