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Silver Wash


Our Silver Wash is our entry level maintenance wash but not the basic wash other competitors offer. What separates our maintenance washes from any other provider is our unique techniques and 12 Step Process. Anyone can wash your vehicle to remove dust, dirt and road grime. Our process was diligently design to safely clean and maintain your vehicles delicate interior and exterior surfaces. It will greatly minimize and even avoid introducing scratches and swirls into your vehicles delicate paint finish.


At least Every 2 Weeks

Included Steps

Silver Wash includes our unique techniques & 12 Step Process

100% Hand Wash

  • Exterior surfaces are rinsed with the perfect amount of pressure to rinse off loose dust, dirt, and road grime. Exterior surfaces are soaped with a highly lubricated soap with wax, our unique wash mittens, and the 2 bucket wash system to agitate stubborn road grime. The exterior is then rinsed once again to wash off loose contaminants and soap.   

Rinse & Wash Wheels Face

  • Wheels are sprayed with wheel cleaner to loosen road grime and brake dust. Excessively dirty wheels are agitated with a soft sponge and soap. They are then rinsed with pressure to wash off road grime and brake dust.

Degrease Tires

  • Tires are sprayed with degreaser to loosen road grime and old dressing. They are then rinsed with pressure to wash off road grime and old dressing, leaving rubber ready to be dressed. 

Chamois Dry Exterior 

  • To dry exterior surfaces, a large synthetic chamois is passed over exterior surfaces with long strokes to minimize excessive friction and rubbing with the paint finish.  

Chamois Dry Jambs

  • A designated synthetic chamois is used to dry door, trunk and fuel door jambs to dry surface.   

Air Blow Exterior & Jambs

  • Using a high flow blower, exterior cracks and crevices are air blown to remove excess water. Door, trunk and fuel door are opened to air blow excess water.

Dress Tires

  • Using a water base dressing and a brush, tires are dressed to darken, add shine and protected them.  

Clean Wheels

  • A designated microfiber towel and a spray detailer is used to wipe wheels clean and add clarity to finish.  

Spray Detail Paint Finish 

  • Using our detail chamois and a spray detailer, paint finish is wiped down to remove streak, excess water and add clarity to the paint finish.   

Clean Windows & Mirrors

  • Exterior and interior glass, mirrors and infotainment screen are cleaned with cleaner and a special microfiber towel to leave a streak free and crystal clear surface.    

Detailed Vacuum

  • Utilizing a commercial grade high suction vacuum and 3 specialty vacuum tools, interior surfaces are vacuumed to remove loose dust, dirt, etc. Our vacuum tools allow us to get to harder to reach areas. Air vents, cracks and crevices get a more thorough vacuum. Carpet and cloth surface fibers are better vacuumed and groomed.   

Dust Interior

  • Using a moist chamois interior plastics, vinyl and leather surfaces are wiped to remove dust.  

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