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Gold Wash


Our Gold Wash includes everything in our Silver Wash plus an additional four steps to clean, condition and protect more surfaces of your vehicle. This is the perfect service if you are seeking to maintain your vehicles interior surfaces clean and add a deep shine & maintain paint finish protected in between wash services.


Every Cleaning or At least Once per Month

Included Steps

Gold Wash includes everything on our Silver Wash plus...

4 Additional Steps

Scrub & Clean Exhaust Tips

  • In the rinsing and soaping process your vehicles exhaust tips are scrubbed and wiped to remove loose carbon deposits.  

Spray Wax Paint Finish 

  • Using a synthetic spray wax, the paint finish and trims are mist and wiped with a fine microfiber towel to add shine, clarity and most importantly a layer of protection. The lubricants in the spray wax help to remove light contamination that the car wash process is unable to remove. 

Interior Wipe Down

  • After the interior is vacuumed and dusted, a fine microfiber towel and a special cleaner are used to wipe all plastics, soft-touch materials, vinyl, and leather surfaces to remove minor and light stains that are introduced during a week or two period. This is far from dusting but also far from shampooing and agitating the surfaces.

Shampoo Cup Holder 

  • The front center console cupholders are shampooed to clean any stains or spills.

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