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Stage Two


Our Stage Two exterior detail service is THE DETAIL service you want to have completed on your vehicle if you want swirls, scratches, stains, edged water spots, and other imperfections removed (leveled) off the paint finish. The 2 polishing steps included in this service allow us to remove (level) 75%-90% of these imperfections. Before our technician starts our unique polishing process, we will wash the exterior to remove loose dust, dirt, and road grime. The glass and paint finish is then decontaminated by first completing an Iron Decon process to help chemically dissolve the iron. We then use the proper grade clay bar and a lubricant and glide it over the surfaces to remove the embedded contaminants leaving paint smooth and ready for the multi-step polishing process.


On the first polishing step, a compound (lotion-like abrasive product), a firm polishing pad, and a dual-action polishing machine is used to level your vehicles paint clear coat to medium depth imperfections. On the second polishing step, a fine polish (less abrasive lotion-like product), polishing pad, and the same dual-action polishing machine is used to help finesse, add depth, gloss, and clarity to the paint finish. Natural sun and artificial light will reflect a swirl-free finish. 


Using a liquid carnauba wax, soft pad, and a dual-action waxing machine, our technician will then apply a coat of wax on paint finish and all other painted surfaces. The same wax will be hand-applied to all hard to reach areas to make sure all painted surfaces are protected. Wax residue is then removed with a fine microfiber towel, which is used only for the paint finish to prevent cross-contamination. The coat of wax will leave a deep wet shine and a more slick surface to help repel contaminants, water spots, and stains from easily embedding and penetrating into the paint finish.

Is this service right for your vehicle

Our Stage 2 detail service is perfect if you want to restore the paint to its Like New Condition. Everything in our Clay & Wax detail service is included plus The Details add on package. The multi-step polishing process will remove the imperfections introduced by your current car wash provider, lack of frequent washing, and proper maintenance.  


Swirls and scratches don’t just appear on their own. These are introduced do to the use of inferior quality products, tools, and, most importantly, incorrect car wash process. Lack of frequent washing and proper maintenance also allows for bird droppings, tree sap, and water spots to stain, edge, and penetrate into the paint finish. These imperfections can be avoided by properly and frequently washing and maintaining your vehicle.

Recommended Every

You want to avoid the need to polish your vehicle's paint finish. The more polishing we do, the more clear coat we remove. Imperfections are not filled or masked by the products we use. To have scratches, stain, or edged areas removed, we need to mechanically remove the clear coat around the affected areas to the same depth (level) of the imperfection.

To maintain your vehicle looking its best frequent and proper washing is very important. After we complete our Stage 2 detail service, we can help maintain your vehicle every week or every 2 weeks. Please take a look at our Maintenance Washes.

Included Steps

100% Hand Wash

  • Exterior surfaces are rinsed with the perfect amount of pressure to rinse off loose dust, dirt, and road grime. Exterior surfaces are soaped with a highly lubricated soap with wax, our unique wash mittens, and the 2 bucket wash system to agitate stubborn road grime. The exterior is then rinsed once again to wash off loose contaminants and soap.   

Rinse & Wash Wheels Face

  • Wheels are sprayed with wheel cleaner to loosen road grime and brake dust. Excessively dirty wheels are agitated with a soft sponge and soap. They are then rinsed with pressure to wash off road grime and brake dust.

Degrease Tires

  • Tires are sprayed with degreaser to loosen road grime and old dressing. They are then rinsed with pressure to wash off road grime and old dressing, leaving rubber ready to be dressed. 

Scrub & Clean Exhaust Tips

  • In the rinsing and soaping process your vehicles exhaust tips are scrubbed and wiped to remove carbon deposits.  

Chamois Dry Exterior 

  • To dry exterior surfaces, a large synthetic chamois is passed over exterior surfaces with long strokes to minimize excessive friction and rubbing with the paint finish.  

Chamois Dry Jambs

  • A designated synthetic chamois is used to dry door, trunk and fuel door jambs to dry surface.   

Air Blow Exterior & Jambs

  • Using a high flow blower, exterior cracks and crevices are air blown to remove excess water. Door, trunk and fuel door are opened to air blow excess water.

Dress Tires

  • Using a water base dressing and a brush, tires are dressed to darken, add shine and protected them.  

Wipe Clean Wheel Face

  • A designated microfiber towel and a spray detailer is used to wipe wheels clean and add clarity to finish.

Decontaminating Paint Finish  

  • A iron remover product is sprayed on paint and glass surfaces to help loosen and remove iron deposits off the surfaces. We then follow using a highly lubricated chemical and the proper grade clay bar and glide it over the same surfaces to remove stubborn contamination. 

Step 1 Compound / Polish 

  • Using a dual action polishing machine, a firm polishing pad and a compound/polish every painted body panel is polished remove (level) light to medium depth imperfections. (SUV, trucks and vans roof isn’t polished) 

Step 2 Finessing Polish 

  • Using the same dual action polishing machine, a softer pad and a lighter polish the same painted body panels are polished to help finesse, add depth, gloss and clarity to the paint finish. (SUV, trucks and vans roof isn’t polished) 

Machine Wax Paint Finish 

  • Using a dual action waxing machine, a soft waxing pad and the appropriate wax suitable for your vehicles condition, wax is applied to paint finish, painted surfaces, polish or chrome trim and other surfaces on the body of the vehicle that can benefit from the wax.   

Hand Wax Details

  • Using a small soft pad and the same liquid wax, hard to reach paint and painted surfaces are hand waxed.    

Clean Windows & Mirrors

  • Windows and mirrors are cleaned with cleaner and a special microfiber towel to leave a streak free and crystal clear surface.    

Detailed Vacuum

  • Utilizing a commercial grade high suction vacuum and 3 specialty vacuum tools, interior surfaces are vacuumed to remove dust, dirt, etc. Our vacuum tools allow us to get to harder to reach areas. Air vents, cracks and crevices get a more thorough vacuum. Carpet and cloth surface fibers are better vacuumed and groomed.   

Dust Interior

  • Using a moist chamois interior plastics, vinyl and leather surfaces are wiped to remove dust.  


Exterior Detail Services


A coat of wax is machine applied to paint finish to add shine, clarity and protect the surface. 


Exterior surfaces are clayed bar to remove embedded contamination, leaving paint smooth as glass.

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