How to

Tip Technician

Learn how to tip the technician for the service provided.

Tip technician after service the is completed.

Tip technician before service the is completed.

1. Login 

To do anything on your account you need to Login. 

Step 1 - Login to your account 


2. Add Tip to Past Appointment

Step 1 - Select Previous Appointments

  • Select "Previous Appointments" tab to view completed services.

Step 2 - Find Appointment

  • Select "Add Tip" button on the service appointment you wish to add tip to.

(Note: If appointment doesn't show "Add Tip" button, you have already tipped technician for that service.)

Step 3 - Add Tip

  • On the pop up window enter tip amount and select "submit" button.

  • Done! Your technician will appreciate it.

2. Add Tip to Upcoming Appointment

Step 1 - Select Appointment

  • Make sure "Appointments" tab is selected.

Step 2 - Find Appointment

  • Select "Reschedule" button on the service appointment you wish to add tip to open appointment.

  • Scroll to bottom of the page and select "Go to Next Step."

Step 3 - Add Tip

  • At the top select "Reschedule" button and select if you want tip to be added to "All Future Appointments" or "This Appointment Only."

  • Scroll to "Add Tip" section and select percentage or select "Other" to enter a specific percentage or dollar amount.

  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen and select "Save Changes" button. Done!