Learn how manage upcoming service appointments. 

Reschedule one or all upcoming appointment/s

Cancel one or all upcoming appointment/s

1. Login 

To do anything on your account you need to Login. 

Step 1 - Login to your account 


2. Reschedule Appointment/s

Step 1A - All Upcoming Appointments 

  • To reschedule All Upcoming Appointments select "View Details" button in the section "Your Next Booking is On" or tap on the "Reschedule" button on the next upcoming appointment. 

Step 1B - Specific Appointments

  • To reschedule a specific appointment select "Reschedule" button on the appointment you want to reschedule.

Step 2 - Go to Step 2

  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen and tap "Go to Step 2" button.


Step 3 - Select New Day & Time

  • At the top of screen under section "Assign To" select "Reschedule" button.

  • If you selected the edit next upcoming appointment select if you want to reschedule:

    • For all Future Appointments ​

    • This Booking Only

  • Make sure "Random Provider" is selected to see more available spots options.

  • Tap on "Select Day to expand calendar to select a day.

  • Then Tap on "Select Time" to select a real time available appointment spot.

  • Go to Last Step.


2. Cancel Appointment/s

Step 1A - All Upcoming Appointments 

  • To cancel All Upcoming Appointments tap on the "Cancel Booking" button on the next upcoming appointment. In a pop up you will have 2 choices:

    • Cancel This Appointment Only

    • Cancel All Appointments

Step 1B - Specific Appointments

  • To cancel a specific appointment select "Cancel Appointment" button on the appointment you want to cancel.

Step 1C - Another Option

  • You can also cancel an appointment by tapping "Reschedule" button to open it, scroll to the bottom and select "Go To Step 2", scroll to the bottom and select "Cancel Booking."


Step 2 - Cancel Service 

Select if you want to Cancel Service or Postpone.

  • Cancel Service

    • Tap on "Cancel Service" and select "Next" button.

    • Select "Cancel This Appointment Only" or "Cancel All Appointments." If you selected next upcoming appointment the "Cancel All Appointments" will be shown.

    • Select a reason, enter a comment and select "Cancel Appointment."

  • Go to Last Step.

  • Postpone Service

    • Select "Postpone Service" and select "Next" button. 

    • Tap on "Month" to select a month.

    • Then select the date you want us to initiate service and tap on "Save."

  • Go to Last Step.


3. Save Changes & Done 

Step 1 - Save Changes

  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen and select "Save Changes."

  • Done. You will get a notification reflecting the changes.