Selected Services

Learn how to edit any field under "Service Details" section.

You have the option to edit / change the Service Details on All Future or on Specific appointments only. For the changes to reflect on All Upcoming appointments you need to select your Next Upcoming.


Service Details you can edit / change include:

- How Often do you Want it Washed?

- Maintenance Wash Selected

- Any Additional Add-Ons?

- Add Extras for a specific appointment

1. Login 

To do anything on your account you need to Login. 

Step 1 - Login to your account 


2. Select Appointment

Step 1A - All Upcoming Appointments 

  • To edit / change service details to all upcoming appointments select "View Details" button in the "Your Next Booking is On" section or tap on the "Reschedule" button on the next upcoming appointment. 

Step 1B - Specific Appointments

  • To edit / change service details on a specific appointment, select "Reschedule" button on the appointment you want to make the changes on.

3. Service Frequency (How Often Do You Want It Washed)

(If not applicable go to next step)

Step 1 - Edit Frequency 

  • Scroll down to "Service Details" section.

  • Tap on current frequency and then select the new frequency.

  • Under "Vehicle Size" select your vehicle size again.

  • Select "Service" and then add "Add-Ons" & "Extras" if necessary.

  • Go to Step 5. 


4. Change Service (Maintenance Wash or Detail service) 

(If not applicable go to next step)

Step 1 - Select Your Vehicle Size

  • Scroll down to "Service Details" section.

  • Tap on your Vehicle Size, Regular or Large.  

Step 2 - Select New Service

  • Select the new service (Maintenance Wash or Detail service).

  • If necessary add "Add-On & Extra" services.

Step 3 - Delete Old Service

  • Scroll down to Selected Service section (Maintenance Wash or Detail)

  • Tap on "Trash Can" icon next to the old service to delete it.

  • Go to Step 5. 


5. Save Changes

Step 1 - Select All Future or This Appointment Only

  • Scroll to the bottom of screen and select "Go to Step 2."

  • At the top of the page tap of "Reschedule" button

  • Select :All Future Appointments" to make changes to all upcoming appointments

or select "This Appointment Only" to apply changes to the current service.

  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen and select "Save Changes."

  • Done. You will get a notification reflecting the changes.