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Recurring Services

About Our

What is it

  • When you select to have your vehicle washed Every Week or Every 2 Week, recurring services are scheduled for the same maintenance wash, location, day and time. The $8 frequency discount is automatically applied to each service. 

How does it work

  • Our system automatically schedules future appointments for the same location, day and time in the frequency you selected.

Example: If you selected to have your vehicle cleaned on Wednesday at 10:30AM Every 2 Weeks, our system will automatically schedule recurring appointments every 2 weeks for Wednesday at 10:30AM. The frequency discount is applied to every service.


  • The $8 frequency discount is automatically applied to each scheduled service.

  • The same vehicle needs to be washed at least 2 times in 28 days for the frequency discount to be applied to every service. If in any 28 day period your vehicle is only washed one time, the upcoming service will be charged at the one time price.

  • This IS NOT a long term agreement. You can cancel at anytime if you are not happy with the service.

  • Your credit card is only charged after each service is completed. ​​

  • If you do cancel after the first service is completed you will be charged the frequency discount that was applied to your first service. To avoid getting charged, cancel after the second service is completed. 

  • You can upgrade or downgrade the maintenance wash tier on any scheduled service.

Example: If you selected our Silver Wash, every appointment is scheduled to have this tier wash on every service. You can upgrade to our Gold or Platinum Wash on any of the scheduled appointments. ​

  • Recurring services is only for one vehicle. 

How to Manage Appointments.

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