Learn how to request a mobile auto detailing service step by step via our website. To get started tap "Request a Detail" button on this page or in our maintenance wash page. You need to fill out one Scheduling Form per vehicle. If you are a returning customer then sign in by tapping on button on the top right. 

Select Detailing Services Category?

Step 1 - Tap "Schedule a Detail" button

  • Tap "Schedule a Detail" button to start filling out our Scheduling Form.

What's the Service Locations Zip Code?

Step 1 - Enter Zip Code

  • Enter the service location zip code so we can check if our services are available in your area.

Note: Make sure there is no space after the zip code.

Service Details

Step 1 - What's your vehicles size?

  • Select your vehicles size so we can give you the correct price. 

    • Regular (coupe, sedan, wagon)​

    • Large ( SUV, truck, van, crossover)

(Continue..) Service Details

Step 2 - What service are we completing?

  • Tap on "arrows" to browse through our Detailing services.

  • Tap on the desire Detailing service and then tap on "Select Detail" button to add service. 

  • Service is then added as shown on the third screen shot.

  • Need to add an Interior Detail, refer to Step 4 below.

(optional) Service Details

Step 3 - Add another service

  • Repeat Step 1 by selecting your vehicles size.

  • Tap on "arrows" to browse through our Detailing services.

  • Tap on the desire Detailing Service and then tap on "Select Detail" button to add service. 

  • Service is then added as shown on the third screen shot.

  • An Exterior and interior should be shown displaying your vehicles size.

Any additional Add-Ons?

Step 1 - Select add-ons

  • Tap on any add-on service you want to add to your service. 

  • Tap on " ? " to view price and details.

What's your email address?

Step 1 - Enter Email Address

  • Enter the email address where you want "Service Confirmation" sent too.

  • Tap button "Let's Select Day & Time" to go to the next step.

What Day & Time Works for you? 

Step 1 - Select Day

  • Tap on "Select Day" drop down to select a day.

  • Select a day from the calendar. 

(Continue..) What Day & Time Works for you?

Step 2 - Select Time

  • Tap on "Select Time" drop down to view available appointments.

  • Available times for day you select and for 2 upcoming days are shown.

  • Select an available time.

Tip your Technician

Step 1 - What Percentage?

  • Select desire percentage you want to tip your technician.

  • Or select "Other" if you wish to enter a specific dollar amount.

  • You can always login to your account to tip technician after service is completed. 

Personal Details

Step 1 - Enter information on every field

  • First and Last name.

  • Double check email address previously entered.

  • Enter Cell Phone Number where you want Service Update Messages to be sent too.

  • Enter address where we are completing the service.

  • If necessary enter Suite or Apartment number.

Do you have a Coupon Code?

Step 1 - Enter code, gift card or referral credits

  • If you have one, enter the coupon code here.

  • If you have a gift card tap on "Gift Card" tab to enter code.

  • If you have referral credits, you will see "Referral" next to Gift Card tab. Tap and enter referral credit amount.

Vehicle Details

Step 1 - Vehicle Information

  • Enter Year, Make, Model & Color so your technician knows that they are cleaning.

(Continue..) Vehicle Details

Step 2 - Vehicle Key Access

  • Tap "How do we Access your Keys" drop down menu and select an option.

  • Tap "Where do we Return you Keys" drop down menu and select an option.

(Continue..) Vehicle Details

Step 2 - Where can we Find your Vehicle?

  • If necessary, enter details and instructions where your technician can locate your vehicle.

(Continue..) Vehicle Details

Step 3 - Service Notes / Instructions

  • If necessary, enter notes and instructions for your technician.

    • Gate or Garage code​

    • Pay extra attention to...

    • Throw trash located..

    • Etc..

How did you hear about us?

Step 1 - I heard from you..

  • Tap on drop down to select an option.

Payment Details

Step 1 - Credit Card Information 

  • Enter credit card numbers 

  • Security Code (typically 3 numbers on back of card)

  • Expiration Date (month and year)

Schedule My Service

Step 1 - Review & Confirm 

  • Review your service details by scrolling to the bottom

  • Select "Schedule my Service" when ready

  • Confirmations are immediately sent to you.

  • DONE! Your technician will show up on the day and time selected.

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