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Eco Friendly

We deliver a 

Zero Water Run-Off

Service to Customers

Our state of the art mobile units come equipped with the proper equipment to contain and reclaim the water use to wash each vehicle. It allows to meet and exceed all local water regulations.

Minimal Water Usage

Our pressure washer system Gallons Per Minute is specifically tuned to use a little water. On average 6 gallons of water are used to clean each vehicle we wash.


Water Reclaiming

A State of the Art water reclaiming system is on board of our mobile units to allow us reclaim the water used to clean each vehicle. A special puddle sucker attachment and sand snakes are place where the water flows to avoid for water to make it to the storm drains. Water is suction by powerful suction and its placed in a containment tank on board of our mobile units.


Wash Mat

Our unique wash mat with raised edges is utilized to contain and reclaim the water in areas where the water doesn't flow to a specific area.

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