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The Mobile Detailing Industry

The mobile auto detailing industry has rapidly grown and increased the amount of providers in the past 10 years, specially in Orange County. The hundreds of auto detailing DIY videos on the web and the ease of obtaining the equipment and tools needed, has motivated many individuals to launch their own mobile detailing business. For consumers, competition has its Pros and Cons. One Pro it offers consumers competitive prices. But that’s the biggest mistake most consumers make when seeking to hire a mobile detailing provider. Shopping around for the lowest price will definitely get you what you pay for. An auto detail service if it's an interior or exterior, can’t be compare apples to apples. It isn’t like shopping for a set of tires. With so many different materials and surfaces on a vehicle it takes knowledge and experience to properly clean and maintain every surface of a vehicle. 

What is Detailing?

Everyone in the industry may have their own definition to this. This is one of the reasons why the industry is so broken. This makes it hard for customers to determine what their vehicle needs done and to know if what they are paying for is a fair price. 

For us the definition is simple. Detailing is a service to recondition your vehicles interior and/or exterior surfaces. In some instances applying a protection on your vehicle surfaces, like waxing the paint finish, may also be considered a detail service. 

Why do I need to Detail my Vehicle?

If you are seeking to have your vehicle detailed it’s will mostly be for one of these 2 two reasons or a combination of both. 

You didn’t wash your car frequent enough to help maintain its interior and exterior surfaces.

  • When your vehicle isn’t washed as needed contaminants like, brake dust, rail dust, water spots, bird dropping embed and edge themselves into the exterior glass, paint, plastic and rubber surfaces. 

  • In the interior dirt, dust and minor stains cling on to the carpet, plastics, cloth, vinyl and leather surfaces which then require more detailed work to have these surfaces shampooed to clean them.


The local car wash or mobile car wash and detailing service provider you have used hasn’t properly or thoroughly maintained your vehicle interior and exterior surfaces. 

  • If your view your vehicles paint finish under directly sunlight and you see circular scratches, those are scratches and swirls that were introduced do to improper car wash techniques and the use of bad tools & products. 

  • If you have had your vehicle washed frequently and your car still seems dirty, then they didn’t  thoroughly cleaned interior and exterior surfaces thoroughly or they didn’t recommend the proper car wash to help maintain your vehicle looking its best. 

Our Auto Detailing Services

We offer interior and exterior detailing services to help recondition your vehicles surfaces to their like new condition.

Our exterior detailing services range from a Wash & Wax to apply a layer of protection, our Clay & Wax to remove embedded contamination off the exterior surfaces and our Stage 2 detail that includes multiple polishing steps to level (paint correct) imperfections off the paint like; scratches, swirls, bird dropping stain, water spot edging, etc. 

For the interior we offer 3 different services to meet your vehicles needs: New Car Interior Detail, Partial Interior Detail Complete Interior Detail. Our New Car Interior Detail is great for a vehicle that was just driven off the showroom floor. Surfaces are spot clean and then condition to protect from UV rays and help repel any future stains. The Complete Interior Detail will allow our technicians to leave your vehicle as closest possible to its like new condition. Everything is cleaned and shampooed from the headliner to the carpet surfaces. 

Our Service Coverage Area


Aliso Viejo

Costa Mesa

Coto de Caza

Fountain Valley

Huntington Beach 


Laguna Beach 

Ladera Ranch

Laguna Hills

Laguna Niguel

Laguna Woods

Lake Forest 

Mission Viejo

Newport Beach

North Tustin 


Rancho Mission Viejo

Rancho Santa Margarita

San Juan Capistrano


Trabuco Canyon 


Villa Park

What makes Deets different?

We are in the business of maintaining our customers vehicles in their best condition possible. For years we have been able to accomplish this by washing our customers vehicles properly and frequently to prevent interior and exterior surfaces from getting too dirty or contaminated. This has helped to minimize or even eliminate the need to complete invasive and expensive detail services. 

All of our 3 maintenance car wash services (Silver, Gold & Platinum) included our unique 12 step process to safely clean and maintain exterior and interior surfaces. For over our the 13 years we have been in the business we have proven our techniques, process and recommendations really work!

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