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The Mobile Car Wash Industry

The mobile car wash industry has rapidly grown and increased the number of mobile providers in the past 10 years in Orange County. With so many DIY "How To" car wash videos on the web and the ease of obtaining the equipment and tools needed, it has motivated many individuals to launch their own mobile car wash business. Competition has its Pros and Cons for consumers. A Pro is it offers consumers competitive car wash prices. But that's the biggest mistake most consumers make when seeking to hire a mobile car wash provider. What level of service and quality can you expect for a $15 or $20 wash? Shopping around for the lowest price will get you what you pay for. A car wash service offered by different mobile car wash providers or a full-service car wash location, can't be compared apples to apples. On paper, the services may not include the same steps, and if they do compare, they aren't completed with the same level of attention. It isn't like shopping for a set of tires. 

Washing a car might seem easy, but it is much more complicated. With so many different materials and surfaces on a vehicle, it takes knowledge and experience to clean and maintain every surface of a vehicle properly. Have you seen those circular scratches (swirl marks) on a dark color vehicle? Those were introduced into the paint finish due to improper car wash techniques, products, and tools. 

Your Car Wash Service Options

You have several choices to have your car washed. Local full-service car wash locations, mobile car wash providers, self-serve car washes, and the up and coming express tunnel Drive Thru car washes. Yes, those with moving brushes slapping and rubbing on your vehicle's exterior delicate surfaces. 


If you are a DIY-er and you wash your car at home or a Self Service Car Wash, you might be very overwhelmed with the results. With so many different materials and surfaces, it can get very overwhelming to know what chemical, product, towel, and tool you need to wash your car yourself properly. Do you have the time to learn, buy, and clean your vehicle yourself? How much is your time worth?


Local Full Service Car Wash locations have been the choice for many years, but it has cost you one to two hours of your time to drive there, wait in line, and for your car to be washed and then have to drive back home or the office. On top of wasting your valuable time, they are still known to deliver poor quality service and damage your car surfaces by introducing scratches and swirls into the paint finish. 


Express Drive-Thru Tunnel Car Wash services are the up and coming car wash providers because they have your car washed in 3 to 5 minutes. These automatic car washes were trendy in the 90's and faded away when full-service car wash locations started to offer 100% Hand Wash services. Today's vehicle's paint finish is more delicate than ever. The shiny clear coat of your vehicle can easily be damaged and scratched by these automatic brushes slapping and rubbing on your car's delicate surfaces. They may save you time, but how much are they going to cost you in the long run? Are you going to pay $10-$15 per wash or a monthly membership of $40-$50 for unlimited car washes and still get off your car to spend 15-20 minutes to vacuum your car? 


With the ease of having things delivered to our homes front doorsteps with a tap of a button, having our cars washed by a Mobile Car Wash Provider is a no-brainer. It is much more convenient, and it saves you money in the long run since you don't have to spend 30 minutes to 2 hours of our time. But you still have the challenge to determine if they can properly wash your car without damaging it, do they have a professional appearance, are they licensed and insured? Even with multiple on-demand apps that connect and allow you to quickly request a car wash service with independent contractors will still leave you facing some challenges. These independent contractors still lack to deliver a high level of quality. They fail to clean your car's delicate surfaces safely, fall short in professional appearance, and their mobile units & equipment can make anyone second guess to hand their car keys to them. 

How often do I need to wash my car?

If you are seeking to have your vehicle detailed it will mostly be for one of these 2 two reasons or a combination of both. 

You didn’t wash your car frequent enough to help maintain its interior and exterior surfaces.

  • When your vehicle isn’t washed as needed contaminants like, brake dust, rail dust, water spots, bird dropping embed and edge themselves into the exterior glass, paint, plastic and rubber surfaces. 

  • In the interior dirt, dust and minor stains cling on to the carpet, plastics, cloth, vinyl and leather surfaces which then require more detailed work to have these surfaces shampooed to clean them.


The local car wash or mobile car wash and detailing service provider you have used hasn’t properly or thoroughly maintained your vehicle interior and exterior surfaces. 

  • If your view your vehicles paint finish under directly sunlight and you see circular scratches, those are scratches and swirls that were introduced do to improper car wash techniques and the use of bad tools & products. 

  • If you have had your vehicle washed frequently and your car still seems dirty, then they didn’t  thoroughly cleaned interior and exterior surfaces thoroughly or they didn’t recommend the proper car wash to help maintain your vehicle looking its best. 

Our Car Wash Services

Our mobile car wash services range from complete auto detailing services to our entry-level Silver Car Wash. Over the years, we built our reputation in maintaining our customer's cars in the best condition possible with our three car wash services. Our car wash services are Silver Wash, Gold Wash and Platinum Wash. Our technicians evaluate your car's condition every time we work on it and we recommend the appropriate car wash for your next appointment. Frequent and proper washing has allowed us to minimize or even avoid the need to complete invasive and expensive auto detailing services. 

Our Service Coverage Area


Aliso Viejo

Costa Mesa

Coto de Caza

Fountain Valley

Huntington Beach 


Laguna Beach 

Ladera Ranch

Laguna Hills

Laguna Niguel

Laguna Woods

Lake Forest 

Mission Viejo

Newport Beach

North Tustin 


Rancho Mission Viejo

Rancho Santa Margarita

San Juan Capistrano


Trabuco Canyon 


Villa Park

Mobile Car Wash in

Orange County

Top Maintenance Washes

What makes Deets different?

Anyone can clean a car to wash off dust, dirt, and road grime off the exterior surfaces. It isn't too complex to drag a shop vac around a car to vacuum out dust, dirt, grass, etc. But it takes knowledge and experience to properly wash a vehicle without introducing scratches and swirls into the paint finish and a strong enough vacuum and tools to properly vacuum your car's interior surfaces. 


For over 13 years, we have been trusted to work on the automotive industry's most valuable and irreplaceable vehicles. We are in the business of maintaining our customer's vehicles in their best condition possible, which ultimately helps maintain a higher value. We have been able to accomplish this by properly and frequently washing our customer's cars. It has helped to extend or even eliminate the need to complete invasive and expensive detail services. 


All of our three maintenance car wash services (Silver, Gold & Platinum) included our unique 12 step process to safely clean and maintain the exterior and interior surfaces. Over the years, we have been able to prove our techniques and process really work! 

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